Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Crescendo by Lanvin c1958

Crescendo by Lanvin: launched in 1958, but the name was trademarked in 1939 as the perfume reportedly took 20 years to be perfected by Andre Fraysse.

My Sin by Lanvin c1924

The design house of Lanvin was among the first to present a perfume as part of a collection. My Sin was created in 1924 and first sold and trademarked in Paris under the name Mon Péché by Lanvin.

"A perfume of enchantment - of enthrallment...My Sin holds enticing charm for the delights which are to come. Smart women are always fond of My Sin's complimentary chic..."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Géranium D'Espagne by Lanvin c1925

Géranium D'Espagne by Lanvin: launched in 1925, created by Madame Marie Zede, and later may have been tweaked by Andre Fraysse. WWII halted production of the perfume but by 1950 it was re-introduced and renamed Spanish Geranium in 1951 for the US market.

Vintage 1950s-1960s Lanvin Perfume Tester Display Rack

Vintage 1950s-1960s Lanvin perfume tester counter display rack, made up of black Lucite. Glass bottles held Pretexte, My Sin and Arpege.

Photo from ebay seller requester20

Friday, May 31, 2013

La Dogaresse by Lanvin c1923

La Dogaresse by Lanvin: launched in 1923, created by Madame Marie Zede. Inspired by Jeanne Lanvin's worldy travels, this perfume speaks of the elegant palazzos of Venice.

Rumeur by Lanvin c1934

Rumeur by Lanvin: launched in 1934. Created by André Fraysse. Intended primarily for furs.